Installing any type of roof on homes or apartment/condo complexes is a Seal-Rite Roofing & Siding specialty but how do you know when you need a new roof?
You may need a new roof or at the very least have yours inspected if you notice the following:
  • Damaged flashing, algae, blistering, curling or rot
  • Missing shingles
  • Shingles that appear worn down and brittle
  • Leaks on any part of your ceiling
  • Peeling paint or fading and worn wallpaper
  • Sub-par installation (mismatched and/or misaligned shingles)

Call us or come by the showroom to schedule an inspection.
This is the 10-step process Seal-Rite will follow to take care of your roofing needs:
  • A no-obligation, free estimate: A trained roofer will inspect your roof and provide a written estimate of what it will take to repair.
  • Prepare a contract: Upon agreement, a contract will be drawn up for both of us to review, sign and most importantly, understand.
  • Schedule the job: Your job will be scheduled and an estimated completion date will be provided.
  • Shield your property: You property will be protected from any debris by plywood and tarps.
  • Tear the roof down: Up to 10,000 lbs. of material will be removed and disposed of in dumpsters.
  • Inspect the wood: Once the shingles are removed, we will inspect the wood to make sure it is still good and meets the recommendations of the roofing material manufacturer.
  • Install the roof: Ice and water shields will be installed, premium felt will be put on the wood, the roof will be shingled with the material you selected from the Seal-Rite showroom and we will make sure your attic is properly ventilated.
  • Clean it up: We will restore your property to exactly how it was when we arrived.
    (including using a magnet to pick up any nails).
  • Walk through: You and a Seal-Rite representative will examine the completed job.
  • Explain the warranties:The terms will be carefully reviewed with you.

We will keep you fully informed throughout the entire process.

Contact us today for a free estimate on your roofing needs.

Residential Roofing

Putting a roof on your home, protecting what may be your largest investment, might entail using special ridge cap shingles, deck protection, leak barriers, ventilation and of course shingles.. With over 50 years of experience putting roofs on homes in Michigan, Seal Rite knows just the materials needed to protect your home. Ask us about our most popular, Dimensional style shingles or unique Designer lines, to separate you from your neighbors. With the best warranties in the business available, and a company that's been around long enough to back them, call us today to take a look at your roof!

Condos & Apartments

Seal Rite has over 50 years of experience roofing Condos and Apartment complexes. Let us help you with the entire project. From property managers to Board Members, we have the experience it takes. Attending Board Meetings, and explaining the process and product selection are just a few of the services we offer when it comes to complex work . Whether you are planning one building a year, 5 a year, or doing the complete project in one season, Seal Rite can handle your roofing needs. We can also help with the evaluation and condition of your roofs to determine the order of completion to help ease the process. If you are starting to budget for your roofing project, Call us Today!


A re-roof or tear-off generally means that the old roof must be torn off before putting on a new one. In this process, any parts of the sheathing that are sub-par are replaced, flashing is placed where the vents meet the sheathing and then the underlayment is put on followed by the shingles.

Sometimes re-roof is understood to mean to place new shingles on top of the existing ones. This method may be chosen because it's less expensive but not all roofs can take an overlay, the sheathing needs to be in good condition and often, warranties will not cover a re-roof process like this.

Consult with Seal-Rite to determine the best options for your re-roof.


In addition to receiving the dependable, recognized customer service forged by over 50 years of being a roofing contractor in Shelby Township, you can take advantage of state of the art warrantees (A 10-year labor guarantee is standard but ask about our 25 and even 50-year warranties.). We also accept all credit cards and offer free estimates and consultations. You can always count on Seal-Rites dependable service and quality workmanship on any size job done by reliable workers who have been with us for a long time.


We are certified roofers with CertainTeed Corporation. CertainTeed is a well- known, top-flight manufacturer of building materials which Seal-Rite uses in our roofing work.

We are a certified contractor for this manufacturer. This means our sales staff and technicians are certified in CertainTeed products.


Seal-Rite has worked for over 50 years as successful, professional Eastern Michigan Roofers. Over that time we have established a reputation for providing excellent customer service, quality materials and an overall exceptional contractor experience for our many valued customers.

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